Organizations today operate in a landscape characterized by uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Many respond by placing increasing value and reliance on data-driven thinking and decision-making to drive performance, change, and progress.

Providers of Data Analytics software—e.g., Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik—are committed to the self-service capabilities of their platform. In fact, Tableau’s “Drive” methodology provides further support as an implementation framework, aimed at helping teams work collaboratively with visualized data and accelerate progress toward an enterprise-wide data analytic culture.

Yet, even with the most powerful data analytics tools available, your organization or team may experience special challenges requiring even further support or intervention.

Questions to ponder

What happens when interpersonal conflicts impede or even threaten the team’s ability to move forward?

What happens when the opportunity or concern now visible in your data has high stakes, high risk, or high significance?

For example, what happens when the opportunity or concern is characterized as:

  • financially, politically, or culturally sensitive
  • cross-functionally challenging—e.g., presence of silos or “turf wars”
  • highly complex or controversial
  • critically significant to the operation

Team dynamics add a critical dimension to the outcomes and benefits obtained from the data. Candid, focused conversation enables the team to spark inquiry and discovery...challenge assumptions and status quo…shift mindset or perspective. Is this possible with the internal resources in your organization? Or, might there be value in bringing in an experienced neutral facilitator to guide the team process of data interpretation and action planning…and to support the team in resolving existing interpersonal conflicts?

What will it take in your organization or team to create the collaboration, alignment, and accountability required to achieve your desired performance results?

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