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Steve and Marilyn Kobb

Our purpose is to support
the achievement of your purpose.

The Kobb Team is a Houston, Texas-based organizational consulting firm. We customize a combination of technology, tools, and facilitated team process to support the realization of your shared purpose and goals.

Every team has its own unique story...
  • Are team members aligned and committed to achieving shared purpose, goals, and priorities?
  • Working relationships and level of trust: What impact do they have on your team and organizational performance?
  • What truths, patterns, and key insights are hidden in your performance data?
  • What assumptions define team performance? How would you perform without those assumptions?
  • In what areas do you feel unclear or stuck?
  • What do you perceive as your team's most significant areas of concern and missed opportunities?
We can help you write the next chapter of your story.

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