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The Kobb Team:
Together…Data Visualization meets Team Alignment

Steve and Marilyn Kobb offer something rarely seen in the separate communities of Data Analytics and Organization Development; namely, a synergy of Data Visualization and Team Alignment.

The result? A transformation of data into insights, decisions, actions and—ultimately—exceptional performance results.

Through a combined approach, we offer organizations and teams the opportunity to optimize the value of performance data. Steve uses data visualization software to transform your quantitative data into a visual representation that promotes clear understanding of patterns, trends, and correlations. The software — Tableau or Microsoft Power BI — helps you see truths embedded in your data. Visually “connecting the dots” helps you discover the real story, which might go undetected in quanititative data.

This combined approach follows a three-step framework:

  • WHAT?Steve analyzes quantitative data and transforms it into a visual representation of facts and observations. If your internal analysts have already created the visual representation, Steve works as a liaison to prepare their results for team review.

  • SO WHAT?Marilyn facilitates team interpretation of the visualized data, surfacing insights, discoveries, and conclusions. Are the findings significant to your organization? Why... or why not?

  • NOW WHAT?If the findings are deemed to be significant, what do you want to do next? Marilyn guides the team through decision-making and action planning, which ultimately converts the insights to improved organizational performance. Marilyn also supports the team in addressing any additional issues that may surface during the process.

Now, imagine your team experiencing this process...

To set the stage, your leadership works with Steve and Marilyn to identify a situational focus, which is a potential problem or opportunity to be explored.

Once the situation has been identified, the initial data analysis is performed. Next, the team participates in a dynamic process for understanding and using the data, which provides you with the information needed to optimally lead the organization. Thought-provoking questions and dialogue, which otherwise may not occur to you, may lead you to discover deeper insights and create meaningful actions. You enrich your understanding through data-driven conversation that combines data analytics with team interpretation, decisions, and action planning. You are then able to rely on the accountability established for follow-through.

In this rapidly-changing world, you operate in a landscape characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Many organizations respond by placing increasing value and reliance on data-driven thinking and decision-making to drive performance, change, and progress.

Yet, even with the most powerful data analytics tools available, your organization or team may experience special challenges requiring even further support or intervention.

What happens when interpersonal conflicts impede or even threaten the team’s ability to move forward?

What happens when the opportunity or concern now visible in your data has high stakes, high risk, or high significance? For example, what happens when the opportunity or concern is characterized as:

  • financially, politically, or culturally sensitive
  • cross-functionally challenging—e.g., presence of silos or “turf wars”
  • highly complex or controversial
  • critically significant to the operation

Candid, focused conversation enables the team to spark inquiry and discovery... challenge assumptions and status-quo... shift mindset or perspective. Marilyn is a seasoned facilitator who will guide your team to transform insights into action and buy-in to the team effort, as well as support your team in resolving existing conflicts.

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