Welcome to The Kobb Team

The Kobb Team is an Organization Development consulting firm that connects people and purpose

As principal, Marilyn Kobb and her affiliates partner with her clients to  focus on maximizing organizational achievement through strategically-aligned team and individual performance. Marilyn draws on her experience as a seasoned OD consultant, team facilitator, coach, and trainer—as well as her alliances with key resources—to ensure that client needs and expectations are met and issues successfully addressed. 

What sets The Kobb Team apart from other consulting firms? Our clients choose to partner with us again and again, because they know they can count on us to:

  • Hear, understand, clarify, and respect their needs
  • Understand and adapt to the unique configuration of their organization
  • Serve as a catalyst for imaginative thought and action
  • Draw on our experience to provide questions, insights, feedback, and approaches they haven’t considered...and translate to solutions that fit
  • Remain personally involved—"in the trenches with them"—and committed to their success

In short, we clarify their needs, customize the deliverables…and deliver!